Video Production Tips To Improve Quality And Traffic For Your Content​ in Connecticut

Video Production Tips To Improve Quality And Traffic For Your Content

Quality CT video production can be a beneficial asset in any company’s inbound marketing content mix. Experts estimate that videos will represent almost three-quarters of internet traffic by the end of this year. However, getting people to watch your videos can take time, considering the longer they are, the higher the chance viewers will stop and drop off.

Remember, your videos will get judged on the content, presentation, quality, style, production, and information it gives. And what does that tell us? Your videos must be remarkable and entertaining, retaining your viewers’ attention. And what better way to achieve all these than with professional CT video production?

Aside from that, here are more tips to improve your video marketing content quality:

Pre-Production Tips​ - Video Production Company

Pre-Production Tips

If you launch your video without energy and a culture of quality improvement, you’ll likely end up with a tacky final product. So, instead of heading into your shoot straight, create a plan and a backup in case things go south.

#1 Be Original

It’s crucial to be original and creative with your video project concept to stand out. And as easy as it is to ride the bandwagon of whatever’s trending, make content from scratch with professional CT video production. Conduct persona and keyword research to see which video content is popular and successful within your niche. Double-check if another company still needs to make the same content, which can lead to copyright issues.

#2 Make a Plan

Don’t dive into the video and write a script. If possible, draw a storyboard and make a shot list before filming. Aside from that, it’s also best to plan the b-roll shots so you’ll have extra footage if needed for editing in the future. It’s best to consult a professional CT video production firm to create an in-depth script.

#3 Select Your Video Subjects Carefully

Remember, the goal of the videos is to stand out among the vast competitors. Set high standards when casting actors and actresses for your video projects. Choose someone who can deliver dialogues well, memorize scripts fast, and is natural on camera! And spend some time for a couple of run-throughs to work out bloopers. Consulting with a CT video production company should speed up your search for capable actors or actresses.

Connecticut Video Production Tips​

Video Production Tips

You’d naturally want to shoot your videos with as few mistakes as possible to save yourself some time in post-production editing. It’s best to strive and capture all footage your campaigns need and follow the pre-production tips mentioned. And remember, feel free to re-shoot all scenes.

#1 Lighting

There’s nothing more unprofessional in videos than poor lighting quality. Like any reliable CT, video production firm would say, video lighting must be perfect and have no shadows or over-exposure, but how you film will depend on the feel or vibe you want to achieve. For instance, you can use strobes for overhead footage or three-point lighting for perfect lighting from different angles.

#2 Sound

Aside from lighting, poor sound quality can ruin an entire video, screaming unprofessional! It’s best to use hands-free quality lapel mics for close-up videos or boom mics for more extensive shots, amplifying your actor’s voice and improving overall sound quality. Work with professional CT video production to capture the perfect audio all the time.

#3 Use Tripods

If you want to hold a camera or phone in your hand when filming, don’t. Instead, invest in a decent tripod for a more professional outcome. It guarantees steady shots and better close-ups. Or you can save money on equipment costs by hiring a professional CT video production firm.

#4 Get a B Roll

Regardless of how prepared you are, mistakes will inevitably happen. And this will result in different takes and cuts. You can cover them with b-roll footage, preventing a choppy end-product. It’s better to have your b-roll shots in the same setting for a more seamless flow, which a CT video production can provide, but stock footage is always readily available if you’re in a bind.

If you’re looking for a reliable CT video production firm, don’t hesitate to contact Video Production Company today.