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Video Production Company is a full-service video production company focusing on creating political campaign videos that inspire action. We provide an integrated basket of services to aid our clients in their political races. We’ve helped many political figures in Connecticut and surrounding areas ensure they get quality political campaign videos geared toward sharing their messages and platforms with the people they’re running for.

We provide effective options for politicians looking to produce political campaign videos in the form of commercials and ads, to name a few. Contact us today and learn more about how you can leverage our expertise in producing political campaign videos.

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Why Use Political Campaign Videos?

Do you want to reach a wide range of people and inspire action? With our help, you can. 

Video Production Company produces top-notch political campaign videos, all of them geared to generate the desired results you want your political campaign videos to produce. We go above and beyond to ensure your campaign videos are engaging, understandable, compelling, and concise. 

Studies show that viewers will only retain 10% of information if they consume text-based content. Surprisingly, viewers will retain up to 95% of knowledge delivered through video. Whether you want campaign ads, explainers, or charity political campaign videos, you can get your message to stick with compelling political campaign videos.

How Can You Use Political Campaign Videos?

To say that election campaigns are too tricky is a massive understatement. As a politician running for a seat in a government office, you’ll need political campaign videos to ensure your message is heard and your platforms deserve a chance. And what better way to disseminate your message, goals, and ideals to the public than political campaign videos?

With political campaign videos, you can create them depending on your needs. Below are some of the political campaign videos we do for campaigns.


Storytelling is a potent tool you can use to drive any fundraising campaign successfully. Once properly optimized, you can combine emotions with your fundraising political campaign videos to create a solid and unbeatable connection with your audience, which is something that no photos and words can build. Stories are transforming the world every day, and with the help of fundraising political campaign videos, you can raise more money for your cause.

Issue Advocacy

If you want to reach out and educate your voters about specific issues your locality is facing, then there’s no other way to accomplish this but through political campaign videos. Political campaign videos intending to issue advocacy put you in the right spot to communicate and spread the message of your cause. Compel your audience to think critically about specific issues wherever they may be, and encourage them to take the right action with political campaign videos.

Live Streams

Live streaming has changed elections and governments for the past few years. You can propel your political race with these live stream political campaign videos if wielded correctly. People love this type of political campaign videos because they see what kind of politician you are in real-time. Here at Video Production Company, we’ll take care of all your political campaign’s live-streaming political campaign videos needs, including live recording, live countdown, white labeling, and more.

Political Campaign Ads

The onset of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube made running for politics a lot more interesting; and made distributing political campaign videos easier. Using these social media platforms as a gateway for your political campaign videos is a clever way to ensure your message is seen by more people, not just those watching television. With our expertise in making political campaign videos and video strategy, we can assure you get the best of both worlds: social media and television.

Get Started on Your Political Campaign Videos Today

Before starting your political race, include a video production company like us who are experts in political campaign videos in your plans. Our expertise in producing political campaign videos can significantly benefit your race. With our help, we can guarantee that the people you want to serve will get a great idea of how eligible you are not just as a candidate but also as a potential government official. Contact us today and get a free quote for your political campaign videos!