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We’ve been doing corporate video production for years, and we can 100% guarantee that with our help, you can achieve the type of video your business needs, whether for internal or external purposes. Contact us today to learn more about our corporate video production services and get a free quote!

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Corporate Video Production: Why Is It Important?

Corporate video productions and viewership are gaining popularity. Because of this, more and more executives are starting to lean on the idea of using video for their marketing plans and day-to-day operations. According to a study from Forbes, around 75% of executives watch corporate-related videos at least once a week. 

Just because you’re into B2B business doesn’t mean you have to rely on outdated methods such as white papers and webinars to reach your target audience. With corporate video production, you can tackle all the parts of video production that you may have missed before, therefore boosting your marketing plans and internal communications.

Here’s how we handle our corporate video production.


To set the stage, we’ll ensure to put things into better perspective, such as the proper budget, concept, and script (or outline). If you prefer voiceovers, we’ll have to record them before proceeding with any other corporate video production process.


Now that the stage is set and the style is determined, we’ll create a storyboard to properly layout all the scenes, action by action. Starting from there, we’ll base the following corporate video production on the style we’ve agreed upon. 

Live Action. Live-action corporate video production will require several things, such as shoot location, hiring the talents if needed, and filming the video with the help of professionals, such as the camera and lighting crew.

Animation Videos. For animated corporate video production, we’ll have to consider developing illustration assets based on the style and storyboard agreed upon earlier. After that, we’ll start animating them using software such as Adobe After Effects.


Once we’ve produced the video, we’ll let the post-production phase commence. This corporate video production process will include polishing the footage, including editing, adding extra on-screen graphics, and finally, sound design. Our corporate video production videographers will stop at nothing until you get the perfect corporate video for your business.

Corporate Video Production: Our Services

Live Action Business Videos

Live-action videos are the best option for executives who prefer tangible products that are easily shareable with the world. These types of videos usually either tell a relatable fictional story or demonstrate a typical scenario where the opportunity to use the product arises. With our help, we can make your live-action corporate video production videos look much less stuffy than the videos you see today.

Connecticut Corporate Video Production Services​

Animated Business Videos

Most people think that animated videos are only for kids or even for child-like adults who refuse to act like grown-ups. However, that’s not the case. Animated videos can be powerful for corporate purposes, as they can simplify the explanation of complex ideas, tools, and services. And did we mention how many C-level executives love animated videos too?

Internal Communications Video

Internal communication is crucial to any business and is often the most difficult to execute. With the power of corporate video production, you can relay messages to your employees or contractors all across the globe. It’s easy to quickly get everyone on the same page by leveraging corporate video production.

Testimonial Video Production

Testimonials made through corporate video production are powerful enough to sway the opinions of your loyal customers and other prospective clients. With these kinds of videos, users can go behind the scenes and talk about things such as the company’s history and the brand’s unique personality. Using corporate video production is a perfect way to highlight your company’s value proposition and how it can alleviate the pain points of specific people.

Brand Anthem Video

Many people correlate the term “corporate” with long office and boring meetings, so we encourage businesses to incorporate brand anthems into their corporate video production strategy. Changing how your employees and audience think about your company through fun and engaging corporate video production sets your brand apart from the competition.

Recruitment Videos

Do you know the easiest way to promote your company brand to prospective talents? Through recruitment corporate video production! Recruitment videos made through corporate video production can showcase to your potential employees what it’s like to work with your company while simultaneously achieving your talent acquisition goals.

What Type of Corporate Video Production Is For You?

With tons of selections mentioned above, it can take time to determine the best option for your business. Contact us today, get a free quote, and let us help you choose the best course of action your business can take regarding corporate video production.