Video Production Process: How a Video Production Company in CT Makes Their Videos​

Video Production Process: How a Video Production Company in CT Makes Their Videos

Any competent video production company in CT must establish a solid foolproof plan when making videos for their clients. This plan must cover everything from ideation to product delivery, and every aspect of the video production process must be as smooth as possible. Of course, this is a gigantic feat for any single videographer. But video production companies are composed of a band of trained and seasoned professionals who can manage and execute all aspects of video production seamlessly and often with little to no delays.

Video production companies in CT are often tasked with creating different types of videos, such as explainer videos, commercial videos, and other non-standard social video projects. Below are the processes they follow to ensure their video production goes according to plan.


The video production process involves various stages, but pre-production is the most important. This is the phase where the real planning begins, and this plan must be bulletproof to ensure a smooth-sailing video production process. During the pre-production phase, many video production companies in CT work on tasks such as storyboarding and scouting for locations.

The length of the pre-production phase varies greatly depending on many factors. Video production companies in CT will maintain a regular shooting schedule, but you’ll find some crews working on different timeframes. Some may shoot the video during the day, while other departments may shoot their videos during the night. Sometimes the filming process even happens in the wee hours of the morning!

Some of the tasks involved in the pre-production process are as follows:

  • One on one meeting with the clients
  • Research
  • Detailed storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Choosing the talents and props
  • Location scouting


The clients will always have the final say regarding the filming location, so it’s best if you invite them to visit the place before recording your videos.


The meetings are finally over, and the preparation has now been concluded. It’s time for the crew to start working and capture all the footage necessary to create the video. The production phase is where video production companies in CT begin weaving the story into life. This is the part where the crew will gather all the raw materials for the final product. This phase is also the best time to communicate any issues or concerns with the producer so they can start the production process trouble-free.

The tasks involved during the production phase include the following:

  • Setting up the equipment (sound, lighting, and video)
  • Voiceover recordings
  • Capturing b-rolls
  • Conducting interviews

Most video production companies in CT encourage their clients to be present on set during the filming process. Their inputs are crucial to ensuring the video will turn out to be what they’ve envisioned in the first place. Their presence during the production phase is necessary to keep things on schedule and prevent any reshoots that might delay the entire video production process.

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Post- Production

Now that all the necessary footage has been captured on camera, it’s time for the production process to stop. The producers and editors will now go to work and edit all the footage the crew has just filmed during the production process. Post-production is about organizing, planning, and editing the video to produce a presentable and satisfactory final output.

The producer will be in charge of carefully reviewing all the footage and transcribing the interviews. While they assemble the story, the editors will set up shop and do their magic, bringing all the pieces together like a puzzle.

Here are some of the tasks involved in the post-production process:

  • Video editing
  • Logging the interviews
  • Additional sound mixing
  • Producing the final story
  • Reviews and approvals
  • Distribution


Every competent video production company in CT aims to ensure a smooth-sailing video production process. Here at Video Production Company, we go above and beyond to ensure everything goes according to plan. And since we have extensively planned, we can deal with any inevitable delays or issues efficiently.